Gateway Electronic Components

Representing EPCOS, TDK, Ferroxcube, Fair-Rite and Magnetic Inc, Gateway stocks a vast range of ungapped ferrite cores, but also holds a large stockholding of ‘standard’ gapped cores.

We understand that from time to time our customers may need ferrite core gapping and machining services to achieve AL values that aren’t readily available direct from the manufacturer. Some customers also require adjustments to a standard core geometry or dimension to meet their specification. Some may also require cores splitting and gluing to create new geometries.

For higher volume requirements we can offer access to highly competitive supply direct from the manufacturer, this can incur increased minimum orders quantities, extended lead times and there is also the possibility that the geometry required cannot be manufactured with the standard pressing technique, this is where the Gateway Machine Shop can help.

If you require a quote please follow the link below to our Ferrite Gapping Enquiry Form. A member of the Ferrite team will be in touch with you shortly.

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