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Maintaining Impedance in High-Permeability, Split Core Ferrites for Low-Frequency Applications

Posted By Rachael Parker, Vice President, Fair-Rite Products Corp Ferrites are ceramic components that can be used to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) in certain applications. This presentation will discuss the basic properties of solid round ferrite cores, the impact an air-gap can have on the performance of these cores, and special considerations. In particular, this discussion focuses on the use of high permeability materials, such as Fair-Rite’s 75, in low-frequency suppression applications since its permeability is relatively high compared to other soft ferrites used for this purpose, making the effect of an air-gap much greater.

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Low Loss 67 Material for High-Frequency Power Applications

This presentation was given at APEC 2016 on Low Loss 67 Material by our Vice President Rachael Parker. Click on the presentation to view.

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Basics of Ferrite Beads

This video discusses the basics of ferrite beads and their uses for basic filtering applications. It discusses and demonstrates how ferrites act as resistors at high frequencies and how this is used for EMI/RFI Suppression, improved power supply filtering, parasitic oscillation suppression, and others. The affect of the frequency dependent resistive characteristic of the ferrite beads is demonstrated by showing its effect on a swept RF signal, its effect on the rise/fall time of a digital signal, and its effectiveness of eliminating parasitic oscillation.

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