Mag inc

Magnetics® is a leading world supplier of precision soft magnetic components and materials to the electronics industry. We specialize in research, design and production of high-quality powder cores, ferrite cores and tape wound cores for applications such as chokes, inductors, filters, transformers and power supply components for use in alternative energy, telecommunications, aerospace, military, computer, medical and other electronics systems.

Magnetics is the only global supplier with development, design and manufacturing operations for powder cores, ferrite cores and strip wound cores. Magnetics’ products are manufactured to conform to international standards for electrical, dimensional and visual requirements.

Ferrite Cores

Magnetics Maganese Zinc (MnZn) ferrite cores offer economical solutions for a variety of applications. Magnetics offers nine materials ranging from 900µ to 10,000µ permeability. Magnetics ferrites are available in a variety of industry standard sizes and shapes.

Tape Wound Cores

Magnetics strip wound cores (more commonly referred to as Tape Wound Cores) line includes tape cores, and bobbin cores made from high permeability thin strip alloys of nickel-iron or grain oriented silicon iron. These alloys are known as Orthonol®, Alloy 48, Square Permalloy 80, Supermalloy and Magnesil®.

Powder Cores

Magnetics® powder cores are excellent as low loss inductors for switched mode power supplies (SMPS), switching regulators, and noise filters. Molypermalloy Powder cores (MPP), High Flux cores, Kool Mµ®cores, XFLUX™ cores, and AmoFlux® cores are available in a variety of shapes.

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